Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it friday yet?

HI Everyone!

so i think im over the quiet phase, that i was having a few days ago. Sometimes i think stress just forces me to be quiet. There are a lot of extra stressers going on besides the norm. This week has been crazy. Next week is going to be even crazier!

E had an ortho dr appt this week. they took the cast off and his arm/elbow still look gross, it was still swollen, but she said its better to not keep it im-mobile for too long, so he will have it off till his next appt and then see what happens from there. Then the hubs has had a lot of road work so thats keeping him busy. We are trying to fully potty train M and so far the peeing part is going ookkk! We did get him to poo once but that has been it, so hopefully it will be soon. Dont get me wrong he is still wearing a diaper at nite and nap but mostly during the day undies!

We are gearing up for our visitors, ha one is R the other is my sister who is moving home from europe! we cant wait. It will be a busy summer im sure.

Next week will be worse, i have training and the hubs has more road work. The weekends cant come fast enough for me even tho i have a set schedule at work now! Hope your week hasnt been as weird and crazy as mine!

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