Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every stinkin time!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So today im bushed. Not for any reasons you might think. Last nite i had to attend a work training, it was going to last about 4.5 hrs. no biggie right? RIGHT. So the hubs met me in the parking lot before he left, and then i went in where we proceeded to be super duper busy. I left at 9 pm which was later than i was supposed to but oh well. I walk out and am getting into the car when the lady parked next to me says " is that your car?" and i said yes. she replies" some guy just totally hit your car and left" she said that she flashed her lights at him and got out and yelled and he just sped off. I was like WTF. So i go look at my car which by the way IS PARKED UNDER A LIGHT AND MY CAR IS WHITE!!!!! and one side of the front grill is caved in and then there is a dent...lame. so then i was like what a jackass. so then more people from work come out and are asking whats going on etc and another person who i work with said to me go in and see if they got it on tape. So i go in where they tell me that they wouldnt. I go back out to get her statement and shes gone. The manager comes out says we should call the cops to make a report but it shouldnt be bad since it was a hit and run and i was on the clock. So in this time im trying to reach the hubs and wait for the cops and text the babysitter to let her know im going to be even more late! The hubs proceeds to freak out ( which i knew he would). I finally get the kids and get home and its 1030. get them to bed and relax for a few before bed. The funny thing is is that crap like this always happens to me. I mean a guy hits our parked car while im at work. A few years ago im #2 at a red light and some chick rear ends me at 50 mph ..while we are stopped at a red light. Every stinkin time something happens to me!

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